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Casino games, lots to play and money to be made. As it stands, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casino games for one to choose from. Where you happen to find your feet depends entirely on the games that you adhere too. In this article we are going to cover some of the most popular casino games out there. Also we will give you some recommendations on where best you can find them.

We play these sorts of games constantly. So consider ourselves experts somewhat when it comes to this industry. Know that personal preference will play a deciding factor no matter what where. And if this is your first steps within this industry then get ready for fun in spades.


Casino games have existed for decades now. Not only standing the test of time, but managing to thrive in a very cut-throat industry. An industry that appears to move at such a rapid pace. Blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and craps are some of the more popular online casino games. There are countless ways to approach these games. It all depends on how well-versed you happen to be. Anyone who has played this games in real life, should know that their digital counterparts play somewhat identical. Only difference is you play against a CPU, unless of-course you are playing a live casino game and then you play against a dealer.

Reputable casino sites

The best casino games out there can be found strewn across various reputable casino sites. If you find that you are on these sorts of sites on the regular, then you will know which sorts of games are worth seeking out, and which aren’t. The featured section on these sites should be where you’re heading first. These sites know which games are hot right now. So it might be worth checking out what they have on offer here. Sites such as 888 Casino and Mansion Casino are two sites that immediately come to mind when we think of two great places to start. Two names that are synonymous with extensive casino experiences for players of various entry levels.

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A classic in the online casino world, otherwise known as 21. Blackjack involves multiple different players who are all competing against the dealer themselves. The online version is played in a very similar way, with the player being tasked with taking turns in calling out cards one by one. Most blackjack games will come with side bets, the type of bets that run alongside your goal of hitting 21 outright. Each game will require you to bet a different minimum amount. The more reputable sites will have their own in-house blackjack games. However, there are a few stand outs that we should mention. Deal or No Deal Blackjack is a themed blackjack game that any fan of the original show will enjoy.


Red or black? What’s your preference, we personally tend to go for red as it’s brought us many a win in the past. Roulette brings players from far and wide, all for but a taste. In roulette the goal is simple, to correctly guess which number/colour the ball within the roulette wheel will land on. Those who are successful in guessing, will find that the more chips they put down on each square, the more money they will accumulate. Unlike other casino games, roulette can be played in hundreds of different ways. There are American and European versos to choose from — with the only opposition coming in the form of the game itself. Most sites out there will promote live versions of roulette as they appear to be a lot more user-friendly than playing against a CPU. But hey you’ll find that out in time.


The game best played with friends, there is a reason why poker has existing for decades. And that is down to the many approaches one can take to make the most money possible. Poker is a table game that requires strategy and skill with every move made. A highly competitive game, one that is not for the weak-minded that’s for sure. The goal here is to eliminate players with weaker cards, with various different card combinations on offer for one to make bank on. Online poker is only just starting to pick up steam, with many sites hosting their own online and in-person poker tournaments. 888Poker is but one example of this, where a reputable site has actually made themselves. Thousands rally to watch livestreams of these sorts of tournaments. And with good reason, they are highly enjoyable and highly competitive, pitting the best against one another.


An acquired taste, baccarat is somewhat complicated, and is definitely an online casino game for a very specific sort of player. Those who play baccarat will tell you that becoming a master of this game will come via patience and time. Baccarat is a comparing card game, one that deals with multiple different hands to consider with each round or turn. Each card in your hand represents a different value, a value that you must have in conjunction with other cards across the board. Online baccarat plays incredibly similar to that of your in-person game, all you need do is select your bet amounts from the jump and away you go. Baccarat is a game that requires practice, remember this if you are going to try your hand at coming away with the highest pots possible.


If you’ve seen any movie that has a casino scene of some kind, then craps should be a very familiar game indeed. The goal of craps is simple: guess the amount listed on two dice that is thrown across a velvet table. Successful guesses accompanied by higher bets will see massive pay-outs, but of-course this is a luck based game, with statistics and whatnot being a key component in making the right estimations. The online versions of craps is very realistic, simply because of how simple the game is to grasp from a base level. Craps is a very fun game to play, especially if you are someone running these sorts of games on the regular.

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